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About Valley Pond

Valley Pond is a private organization founded in the 1960s dedicated to environmental conservation and community recreation at our facility located off Conant Road straddling the Lincoln/Weston town line (see "History"). We're open each year from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. The pond is governed by a board of directors and staffed by a waterfront director and certified lifeguards who also perform maintenance duties.

What we offer​​


  • Members and their guests may register for swimming lessons (see Lessons). They may also borrow pond-owned canoes, kayaks or paddle boats (plus oars, lifejackets, etc.) to use on the boating pond, and kids can fish from the shore. Members may not bring their own boats.

  • There are restrooms and a foot shower, as well as water toys, picnic tables, volleyball and tetherball areas, charcoal grills, and Adirondack chairs.

  • We put fresh sand on the bottom of the swimming pond each year and maintain water quality during the summer with treatments from our environmental consulting company. Two or thee times per summer, the swimming pond is treated with Hydrothol 191, an algaecide that has been approved and permitted for use by both Lincoln and Weston Conservation Committees. Hydrothol 191 does not have any swimming restrictions following its application, so although it's not required, we close the pond for 24 hours out of an abundance of caution for members with overly sensitive skin.

Visiting the pond


Valley Pond is open only to shareholders and their registered guests. See Membership and Guests for more information.

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