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Swim Areas and Tests

The swimming pond is divided into the shallow water area inside the floating line, the Red Tag area between the floating line and the first dock, the lap lane area, and the open water area. The open water and lap lane areas are open only to adults and to children who have passed the White Tag or Blue Tag test, unless they are accompanied in the water by a parent. Red and White Tag privileges are good for one season. Once children have passed the blue tag test, they need not take it again.

To qualify for the Red Tag, which grants shallow-water and Red Tag area privileges, children must:

  1. Swim 50 yards continuously

  2. Tread water for one minute

  3. Back-float for one minute

To qualify for the White Tag, which grants open water and lap lane area privileges, children must:

  1. Perform a deep water swim of about 130 yards as specified by the lifeguards

  2. Back-float for one minute

  3. Tread water for two minutes

  4. Do a standing front dive

  5. Swim under water the length of the raft

To qualify for the Blue Tag, which grants pond visitation without an adult or caretaker, children must:

  1. Be at least 12 years of age

  2. Swim 500 yards continuously (four times around the perimeter of the swimming pond)

  3. Tread water for five minutes

  4. Don a lifejacket while in the water

  5. Correctly answer five questions about boating safety.

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