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Off-season Waivers

Valley Pond is closed from the day after Labor Day until Memorial Day weekend. Summer members are entitled to access Valley Pond via the combination to a locked gate after the season has ended only if:

  • Their account is paid in full

  • They submit the liability waiver form below

  • They abide by the rules and conditions outlined here


Please also note that:

  • All docks and other equipment are removed on Labor Day

  • No lifeguards or other staff are present

  • Water quality will not be monitored

  • The bathrooms will not be available

  • Trash will not be collected, and you are responsible for carrying out trash and anything else you bring with you

  • Children must be closely monitored by an adult at all times

  • No dogs are allowed anywhere on Valley Pond premises at any time of year. This is important for maintaining healthy water conditions and is required by our original agreement with the Cambridge water system.

It is essential to continue to follow the rules during the off-season. Off-season access is an added privilege, not a right. If the rules are not followed, the pond may be placed in legal jeopardy and off-season access may be rescinded for everyone.

By signing the form below, you acknowledged that you assume full legal and personal responsibility for your own safety and security while on the pond premises. You agree to release and hold harmless Valley Pond Corporation, its officers, directors, employees and stockholders as well as their representative heirs, representatives and assigns from and against any claim or liability whatsoever with respect to any injury or other loss or damage which may be incurred or suffered while on Valley Pond premises. Further, you agree to be held personally liable for any damages to Valley Pond facilities resulting from their actions or inactions while on the premises.

Gate procedure


It's very important that the gate never be left unlocked. This is for the protection of Valley Pond, its equipment, you and other shareholders. Use the following procedure every time when entering and when leaving:

  1. Stop at the gate and unlock it

  2. Pass through the gate

  3. Stop, close and relock the gate immediately to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to the premises.​


Waiver form

Please complete and submit the online waiver form below. Our bookkeeper will email you the combination to the gate when she has confirmed that your account is paid in full. If you have any questions, please email

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