Summer 2021 Hours

The table below shows the normal hours of operation for the pond. A water treatment to reduce algae is tentatively scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, July 21. The property will be open for picnicking and recreation, but the water will be closed to swimming for the rest of the day after the treatment has been applied.

Guest policy

  • May 29 – June 11:  No guests

  • June 21 – July 25:  Guests allowed Monday to Friday only

  • July 26 – September 7:  Guests allowed seven days a week



  • The pond will close at the lifeguard's discretion when the weather is threatening and will remain closed until at least 30 minutes after the weather has passed.

  • The pond will close for the day three or four times per season for algaecide treatment. The pond will also close without notice if bacterial readings warrant and will not reopen until the water has been deemed safe for swimming.