Group Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons at Valley Pond are taught by lifeguard Caroline Orgel, who is also a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor. Lessons last 30 minutes; prices are listed below (parents are invoiced at the end of the season).

Group lessons:

  • 1–5 lesson:  $30 each

  • 6–9 lessons: $27 each

  • 10–12 lessons: $24 each

  • 15+ lessons: $20 each


Private lessons are $50 each.

Instead of offering lessons at specified times for certain levels, members can sign up for a pre-determined time slot and choose the level. In other words, you pick the time that is most convenient for your child and we will teach that lesson at whatever level you indicate (please see Swim Levels).

If this is your first time signing up for swim lessons, please fill out the contact form below. Then click the yellow link below to open a Google spreadsheet where you can enter the desired day and time for your child's lesson. If you're the first one to schedule a given time slot, please indicate the level you want for that lesson. That way, members looking for the same level can join in that lesson. If your desired day and time is already scheduled, please don't change the level or delete any names that others entered before you. Please enter the name of the student (not the parent) under your desired day/time. 

Sign up for lessons


Questions? Please see Waterfront Director David Trant or email