Off-season waivers

Summer members are entitled to access Valley Pond via the combination to a locked gate after the season has ended if they first sign a liability waiver. Note that all docks and other equipment are removed on Labor Day and no lifeguards or other staff are present until the season begins the following Memorial Day weekend. To receive the combination to the gate, please submit your request on Labor Day weekend at the lifeguard table. But first...

  • Please print out waiver form below and sign it.

  • Print out any invoices that were emailed to you in 2019 and staple it to a check made out to "Valley Pond Corporation" and leave it at the staff table at the pond. You will receive the combination to the lock on the gate after your account has been settled.

If you'd like to request a waiver after the last weekend of the season, you must send any amount due as well as the signed waiver form to the address below. Once it's been received, our bookkeeper will email you the gate combination, which is changed every year.

Valley Pond Corp.

P.O.Box 195

Lincoln MA 01773